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webhost4life faq

Is Webhost4life a Good web hosting for You?

Webhost4life had been a top web hosting company before they were acquired by EIG, if you ask me whether Webhost4life is worth for us to recommend or not? I don’t think so, you can click here to check our top 10 web hosting lists to check further.

Webhost4life – Damn Service, Damn Performance & Damn Support!

Customer Satisfaction:

Less than 60% which is much lower than others.

When does Webhost4life launch business in the industry?

Webhost4life launched business since 1999 and they were growing fast in the later 10 years, but everything was changed since they were sold to EIG company, lots of their old customers were moving to other web hosts.

Do you have your own data center?

Webhost4life operates at three different World-Class Data Centers meet the strictest criteria.

What kind of payment way do you accept?

Credit Cart, Paypal, Check & Bank Wiring.

Do you use cPanel control panel?

No, they don’t. View Demo “https://controlpanel.mysite4now.com/demowcp/”

What’s the ASP.NET version you can support?

ASP.NET 1.1 2.0 3.0, 3.5 SP1, 4.0 (All of .NET version can be supported)

Does Webhost4life support IIS7 url rewrite?

Yes, it can be supported on windows 2008 server.

Why do they have renewal fee?

The renewal fee is for implementation increase load speeds and performance for your websites making them able to withhold more internet traffic.

Where do I obtain a receipt for my account?

Login to your Hosting Control Panel, go to Account->Print Receipt.

Where do I go to change my account information?

Please login to your hosting Control Panel, then click “Account” – “Customer Profile” to update your information.

How to change control panel password?

You can change it by going to your control panel-> Security -> Control Panel User section. You can also add additional Control Panel users here.

How do I upgrade to VPS plan?

Please visit https://dediorder.mysite4now.com/PlanInfo.aspx to upgrade your plan to VPS. For VPS plans detail please visit http://www.webhost4life.com/vps.asp

How do I change the Credit Card used by my Hosting Account?

To change your credit card, please login to your control panel->Account->Customer Profile->Billing Information to change it.

How to set up non-English characters Domain name?

We do not support direct input of non-English Domain at this moment, but you can set up non-English characters Domain using punycode.

1) You need to get the punycode of your non-English characters Domain name. You can try to use following links to convent your domain to punycode:
http://mct.verisign-grs.com/index.shtml (English)
http://punycode.jp/ (Japanese)
http://www.cnnic.net.cn/html/Dir/2003/10/29/1112.htm (Chinese)

2) After you have the punycode of your non-English characters Domain, you can add your domain using the punycode in the control panel.

3) Point your domain’s NS record to our DNS server, or point your domain’s A record to our web server.

4) After you have done the step 1~3, please open a ticket in our helpdesk system and we will setup the reminding setting for you.

How to change name server (DNS) after transferring my domain to you?

After I transferred my domain to you, I can’t change the name server (DNS) to that of yours. What should I do?

1) Login to your control panel
2) Go to Domain, and click Domain Manager
3) You should be able to see the domains that transferred to us. Please click Detail besides the domain.
4) Please unlock your domain before changing your name server. There’s a status called Locked. Edit it and change it to “Not Locked”
5) Then you can change the name server to our servers now.
6) Remember to Locked your domain again after you changed the name server
7) Please wait around 1 hours for DNS propagation.

How do I add multiple domain names?

Please go to the Hosting Control Panel and click on the “Domains” at the top navigation var. Then on your left and navigation bar, click on Domain Name. You’ll then see an option to Add Domain to ROOT, Add Domain to Subfolders and Add domain to existing website.

How to update HOSTS file and what it help?

It takes times for you to register or transfer your domain to us due to DNS propagation. During these moment, your domains do not point to our server yet. However you can still build your site and perform the test by simply modifying the HOSTS file in your local machine. After that, your browser resolves your domain into our IP temporary.

How to configure MX Records to Google Apps?

Log in to control panel and go to DNS.
Select the domain name that you’d like to use with Google Apps.
Click Edit Zone.
Delete MX record mail.YourDomain.com. Keep the A-record of mail.YourDomain.com for future reference. It is important when you need to retrieve to old setting.

What is SPF and how to prevent spoofing by setup SPF record?

SPF record tells the mail receiving server information about validity of sending servers. It specific which mail servers will send out email on behalf of your domain.

To setup or modify SPF, login Control Panel -> DNS -> choose your domain and click edit Zone.
Here is some sample SPF:

allows domain’s MX recorders to send mail for this domain, prohibit all others:
“v=spf1 mx ptr -all”

allows only the specified ips to send mail for the domain, prohibit all others:
“v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: mx ptr -all”

You can find a SPF generate Wizard and details of SPF here:

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, 45 days full money back guarantee and NO Contract(you can take the money back anytime you like).

If you encounter difficulties, how to contact with their support team?

Webhost4life offers 24/7 Live support service, you can go to Live Chat, Phone or using Ticket support.


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