An Interview with the Founder of WebHost4life

An Interview with the Founder of WebHost4life

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A Brief Introduction of this Interview:

This interview happened in the mid of 2008 year and at that time, Erwin was CEO and Marketing manager of Webhost4life. Webhost4life was growing super-fast when Erwin was their manager and in the January 2010, Erwin sold his company to EIG hosting.

Hi Erwin, it’s my pleasure to have you as our guest at You can see the reviews blog was based on your hosting company and now I’ve changed the website content to all of the other web hosts on the internet. Without wasting much time, let’s get started with today’s interview.

1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself and your role at Webhost4life

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show on your website. This is Erwin and I’m the marketing manager of Webhost4life.

2. Can you please tell us more about the history of Webhost4life?

Ok, we first started business since 1999 and at that time, our company was not called Webhost4life, but another one EZ hosting, until the 2002 year, I think we could setup a new web hosting company and I expressed my thoughts with the other management team, and all of them supported with my opinion and that’s Webhost4life. So many years passed and Webhost4life is growing fast in recent years, I must say I real appreciate with our customers, without them, we cannot grow up and become Inc 5000 fastest growing private company in the past year.

3. That’s great! What do you offer to attract new clients?

We’re always focused on the windows web hosting and you can find our prices are always cheaper than the others. That’s why we can beat down the other competitors.

4. Do you think what’s the biggest advantage of Webhost4life?

Hm… That will be customer support service. You can find our support team is always there waiting for you to contact with them, if you contact with our live chat support team, you don’t need to wait for a long time, always picked up within 5 sec, in most cases, it’s zero waiting time.

5. What’re the new features you’re planning to add to your customers?

We’re using the control panel which is designed by our programmers and we allow our clients to install multiple ASP.NET components or PHP scripts for free in the control panel. We offer the newest ASP.NET 3.0 2.0 and SQL 2008 Server can be supported also.

6. How many clients do you have in total?

Over 150,000 websites in total and some of the clients have 2 or more websites.

7. How do you backup website files and what’s your money back?

We’ve daily backup, and we also allow our customers to back up themselves in the hosting control panel. About the money back, we’ve 45 days long time guarantee.

8. Where’s your data center located?

We’ve 3 world-criteria data center who can meet the strictest level in the industry. Our data center is located at Los Angeles, CA.

9. Please talk something about your support service.

We offer real 24/7 none-stopped client service, many of the other web hosts said they’re also having 24/7 client support, but once you’re trying to contact with them in the mid-night, you can find there’s no worker online, but at Webhost4life, we’ve workers there for 24 hours. We have live chat, phone and ticket support, all of the support are available for 24 hours.

10. Then do you charge from your clients?

Definitely not, seems some of the other web hosts charge for the premium support, but at Webhost4life, the same never happened.

11. One last question, what do you expect in next 3 to 5 years?

We will continue to grow and be well-known for our irresistible prices and quality of customer service. And I think there are many new competitors will bump out, and we’re ready there to become top and best web hosting.

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