Webhost4life Transition, Old Platform Vs. New Platform Comparison

Webhost4life Transition, Old Platform Vs. New Platform Comparison

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Webhost4life Transition, Old platform Vs. New platform Comparison

If you’re a current Webhost4life customer and I guess you’ll encounter the largest changes with Webhost4life. I think you should have received several emails related with this changes. How is the new platform and is it better than the old one? As you see, Webhost4lifereview.com is a web hosting review website always focuses on the latest news, events and important updates about Webhost4life, here I’d like to talk something about this new change.

1. The Changes of Control Panel

Webhost4life Old Control Panel Webhost4life New Control Panel

Okay! The old control panel is designed by webhost4life programmers and the new one is using cPanel control panel. I admit there are much more features in the new cPanel control panel, but I’m already familiar with using the old one, so if it’s possible, I wish they can offer one more choice for the members who’d like to use the old one – Like me.

2. The Support Team is already Changed

Webhost4life has been recognized as one of the best customer supports in the industry, the original Webhost4life support team makes me impressed and then I determined to open a website to review their web hosting service. The original support team are so good that you cannot scold any bad words about them, how is the new support team? I need to say they’re also responsible but they’re further not good enough than the original support team. I can guess if you’re encountering issues, you’d rather choosing to contact with the original support team, but not the new one. The new support team still have many things to learn:-)

3. Affiliate Program Changes

Uh.. This is a bad news for the old reseller partners. As you see, the old Webhost4life offers a generous annual commissions and the new affiliate program only offers one time commission payment. If you’re an old reseller partner, I think you cannot accept with the policy changed. Whatever, the program is good for the new partners, since you can get higher payments in a short time.

4. Home Page Changes

Webhost4life Old Home Page Webhost4life New Home Page

The new Webhost4life home page seems to be more beautiful than the old one, but indeed, I found the new website homepage’s loading speed is not so good than the old one, maybe the old one is better in the codes optimized. And another, you can find the old Webhost4life can offer more web hosting packages than the new one. The new Webhost4life don’t provide eCommerce hosting and dedicated servers any more, I just think how they deal with those dedicated users at present, forced them move to another hosting company?


From these changes, I cannot make a conclusion the new Webhost4life will be better than the old one, but I do wish Webhost4life can grow better in the future.

Are you a current Webhost4life user and how’s your experience? Welcome to share your opinions with others. Thank you!

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  1. Same issues everyone else has had and I thought it was me. What has happened is WH4L was sold and the old owners are drinking and dancing with the cash as we are stuck with clowns. I called Comcast and asked for a static IP and now I have 4mb up 20mb down. I went to Sam’s Club and bought the biggest UPS Battery they had and I ordered a DELL quad server 4gb ram. I loaded IIS, SQL, and hooked it all up. Cost, roughly $1,800, and now a monthly bill from comcast for $150 a month (have my phone there too as part of the package). I canceled Version land line and DSL which I was paying roughly $80 a month for. Now I have my own host, it kicks ass, and guess what? I am never down and it screams!!! If I out grow the damn cable I can scale (according to comcast) up to 10gb up (YES 10gb with fiber). So, not that I wanted to host my own servers but they cost me many times this each month since they sold the company. Goodbye and if anyone sues these bastards count me in!

    Hi, you’re a rich man!~

  2. My site went down when they migrated it and there was no sense of urgency! Old support team passed me to new support team who passed me back. I lost a lot of business and my site was down for 5 weeks. My site is only online now because I LEFT WH4L . Can they get away with it? They think they can!!!

  3. I used them for nearly six years and I thought that I may have been one of the lucky ones who avoided their “migration” issues, unfortunately I was wrong.

    I cannot recommend this company in the slightest any more

  4. The new owners and operators are liars and cheats and have destroyed what used to be a decent low cost service. Everything about the “new” WebHost4Life is FUBAR.

  5. I switched to SmarterASP.NET and they are much much better than webhost4life or any other companies like winhost or discountasp.net! Give it a try, they have 60 Days free trial.

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