Guest Post: Which type of web hosting is suited for you?

Guest Post: Which type of web hosting is suited for you?

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Which type of hosting is suited for you?

When deciding between different hosting plans, it is important to remember that the many options available are meant to suit different people with their own unique website goals. Once you’ve identified your goals, you will be in a better position to determine which type of hosting plan will best suit your needs. By taking a look at the five major hosting platform variations one can gain a better understanding of the different options available in the web hosting marketplace. Read on to discover more about different types of hosting and how they can help you create the best website for you personal or business needs.

Free Blog Hosting

This type of hosting, offered by major blogging platforms like Google owned Blogger and the open-source WordPress community, is popular due to its low cost and ease of use. In just 5 minutes anyone can set up a nice looking blog with free blog hosting, however, it will be lacking a unique domain name and design.

Shared Hosting

Shard hosting is the most basic type of paid hosting solution. With this type of account your website is stored on a server with possibly hundreds of other websites. Shared hosting is a great option for personal sites or blogs that won’t see lots of traffic or concurrent visitors. A popular choice for shared hosting is the user friendly hosting company Fatcow where you can use a fatcow coupon to get a discount on their annual hosting costs.

Ecommerce Hosting

With eCommerce hosting, businesses and individuals will have the ability to launch a virtual store or catalog and also process credit card payments. Most eCommerce hosting packages come with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which will let you transfer sensitive customer data in a safe and secure way. Many companies such as HostGator include a 1-800 toll free number that will forward to your business landline at no extra cost.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS is a high level hosting package for websites that need extra power due to high traffic levels or bandwidth intensive applications like streaming video and multimedia presentations. A VPS package will get you a segment of a dedicated server with exclusive resources for your site only. This will result in lightning fast load times for your website visitors.

Dedicated Server

The ultimate in web hosting is a dedicated server. With this type of package you’ll be leasing an actual rack space server (or array of servers) to host your site. Dedicated servers are important for high traffic sites with lots of simultaneous users. This type of hosting is suggested for news portals and social media sites.

Remember, it’s OK to start off small and work your way up the hosting ladder. Now that you know a bit more about web hosting options you have the power to choose the best hosting package for your website goals.

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  1. Free blog hosting! Even in the era of Facebook and Twitter, blogs continue to grow in numbers and popularity. Setting up your personal blog has never been easier.

  2. Share web hosting is best option for start ups. Once get the traffic move on to dedicated hosting. we can always upgrade. Please name few good webhosting provider name as well. It will be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I don’t like free hosting of any kind, if you host a site that you care about one day on a free hosting account, the next day it might be gone, always buy good reputable hosting.

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