Which web host is better than HostGator?

Which web host is better than HostGator?

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Better Than HostGator

Is HostGator a Good Linux Hosting Company?

To be honest, HostGator is an affordable Linux-based web hosting provider who’s worth for us to promote and recommend to every website owner. No matter what you need for running a stable and secure PHP or .Net website, HostGator is always able to provide an adequate web hosting solution to you.

However, HostGator was acquired by EIG company in the mid of 2012 year, the whole acquisition was processed secretly and there was no any official report about this transaction. Because EIG has a very bad reputation among online communities and forum websites, we do have the worry about how’s HostGator going in the future.

Which web host is better than HostGator for shared hosting service?

We always highly recommended HostGator to new web developers and website designers in the previous time, but not for now. Are there any web hosts better than HostGator? After reviewed dozens of famous web hosting companies in the industry, Arvixe is awarded as the best web hosting provider on our review website based on superior web hosting service, responsive web hosting server, lightning page speed, professional technical support and customer service, as well as fantastic reputation world-wide.

Who is Arvixe web solutions?

If you’re unfamiliar with Arvixe web solutions, let’s bring you a short introduction about this world-famous web hosting company first. Founded in 2003 by Arvand Sabetian, Arvixe has become a leading web hosting service provider in the industry. As for the newest statistics, there are over 100 staffs worked for Arvixe, and the company is serving over 1 million domain names and websites on the planet.

Price > Arvixe is Cheaper than HostGator

Arvixe may not be so well-known as HostGator for customers in the market, but the company is also an award-winning web hosting provider for personal users, individuals and small businesses. Arvixe was founded in 2003 in San Luis Obispo, California, United States. With over 10 years’ fast growing and rapid development, Arvixe has become a medium-sized hosting company that operates 2 world-class data centers located in USA and Europe.

Arvixe has 2 shared hosting plans for Linux: PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro. HostGator has 3 shared hosting plans for Linux: Hatchling, Baby and Business. HostGator’s most popular Linux shared hosting plan starts with $4.95/mo, even you’ve used the coupon code to purchase new hosting account, which still needs to cost $3.47/mo. However, Arvixe’s most popular Linux shared hosting plan starts with $4.00/mo and if you’ve used the coupon code to sign up new hosting account, it’ll just need to cost as low as $2.80/mo, so Arvixe is obviously the winner for the price comparison.

Billing Cycle HostGator Hatchling HostGator Baby Arvixe PersonalClass Arvixe PersonalClass Pro
36 Months $3.96/mo $6.36/mo $2.80/mo $4.90/mo
24 Months $4.76/mo $7.16/mo $2.80/mo $4.90/mo
12 Months $5.56/mo $7.96/mo $4.00/mo $6.40/mo
6 Months $7.16/mo $7.96/mo $4.80/mo $7.20/mo
Monthly $7.16/mo $7.96/mo $5.60/mo $8.00/mo

From the table above, we can easily find Arvixe’s shared web hosting price is much cheaper than HostGator and you’ll be able to add more websites in 1 hosting account, such as you’re only able to add 1 website in HostGator’s Hatchling shared hosting account, but you can add up to 6 different websites with using Arvixe’s shared hosting service.

Performance > Arvixe is faster than HostGator

As the performance is always the first of most important factors for most webmasters to choose a web host for their websites, is Arvixe faster and more reliable than HostGator?

In order to provide a more accurate and precise comparison about the 2 famous web hosts, our editors has opened 4 hosting accounts with 2 hosting companies and we’ve installed WordPress on these four accounts to make a performance test personally. As a result of the test, we found Arvixe hosting performs much better than HostGator, including the uptime, page speed, database query and web page generation, etc.

Performance Comparison

Technical Support > Arvixe is more professional than HostGator

HostGator has a very good reputation for the technical support in the industry, because the company has over 2,000 staffs serving over 9.5 million domain names and websites around the world. However, Arvixe actually performs better on the technical support service. At present, Arvixe has approximately over 120 staffs and all of them strive to send the best customer service to every of their clients.

Both of the famous web hosts are offering 24×7 US-based technical support through online live chat, toll-free telephone and Email. However, the holding time with Arvixe is much shorter than HostGator, e.g., the average waiting time on a new live chat of Arvixe is less than 2 minutes, but HostGator might take as long as 30 minutes for an operator to pick up your chat.

Customer Satisfaction > Arvixe is higher than HostGator

We had made a trace for the comparison of customer cancellation between Arvixe and HostGator since 2010. Over 60% of new sign up with HostGator were cancelled after half a year, but 99% of customers are still remaining with Arvixe web solutions after 2 years.

Why HostGator has such a high cancellation rate? One of the most important reason is, many new customers choose the short-term of HostGator web hosting service, but most of them cannot accept the much more expensive renewal price. For example, you can subscribe HostGator’s shared hosting service from as low as $0.01/mo, but when you renew the account, it’ll force you to cost $8.95/mo to renew, which is not acceptable to most of small businesses.


After reading this review article, we believe you should have received a clear idea about which web host is better than HostGator. In our opinion, Arvixe is 300% better than HostGator, whether compared from the hosting price or page speed, even the technical support is more professional than HostGator.

In the end, if you’re still having a difficulty in choosing a better web host than HostGator, just feel free to contact us anytime as you want and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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