Why not using Free Web hosting service?

Why not using Free Web hosting service?

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Why not using free Web hosting service?

Some of the new web masters would like to use Free web hosting, they may think there’s no risk to host with a free web hosting, since they don’t need to spend a penny. I can tell you, that’s absolutely not correct. After reading this article, I think you could double-check whether you need a free web hosting or not.

There are so Many weak points to host your website with a free web hosting

  • Advertising
  • Not Reliability Enough
  • Poor Customer Service Support
  • Branding
  • Paid Web Hosting Can be Affordable


Usually, the free web hosting company will put some advertisement in your web site. This is the way they profit their company. This advertise might annoy your visitors, and cause them leave your web site immediately right after they visit it. You cannot remove the advertisement, if you remove it by yourself, the free web hosting service provider can shut your website down without notice.

Not Reliability Enough

Due to the reason of free, there is no uptime guarantee. The reliability of the web service really cannot be promised. And in fact, the stable of the free web hosting is much lower than paid one. The worst thing is that, once your service is down, your site is in the risk of not being able to recover back due to lack of backup. Some of the free web hosting might provide the backup, of course, you need to pay a lot to retrieve the data.


Some of the free web hosting providers don’t allow you to host your domain names, you need to use their sub domain names which could be a big trouble. It means you only develop the website for them, it doesn’t belong to you.

Poor Customer Service Support

What kinds of support you expect to get from a free web hosting service providers? E-mail might be the only way for you, but due to the reliability reason, they might have a huge list of support email in pipe need to handle. And you have to wait one week or even longer.

Paid web hosting Could be Affordable

If you know the largest cost of a web hosting is not the fee from the web hosting service provider but your time, then, go to get a paid survey is your only choice, and will it be expensive? The answer is NO, there are many web hosting solution will charged you less than $5 per month, and give your plenty of features and excellent support.


Of course, if you’d like to design the website for test purpose or never planning to make the website stronger, you can place your website with free web hosts. But today the hosting server price is already very cheap, I suggest you should consider to spend a little money and receive better and more reliable hosting service.

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