WordPress 3.7 New Features

WordPress 3.7 New Features

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The WordPress core team just released the stable WordPress version 3.6.1 two months ago, and now the new WordPress 3.7 beta version is also released to public. We’ve to say the developer team is real diligent and the interval time of new WP version releases is real much faster than any other applications. The formal version of WP 3.7 is also scheduled to be released on October 14th, 2013. What are the new features in WP 3.7? Here we’d like to give you a brief introduction about this new WordPress edition.

1. Minor Updates Will be Processed Automatically

The minor updates can be processed by WordPress itself without user input and this is one of the most remarkable features in the new version. What does it mean? When the new formal version releases, you don’t need to upgrade your blog site to WP 3.7.1 manually, the update will be finished automatically. Whatever, the automatic updater is only suit for minor updates and it won’t be worked for major releases, such as from WP 3.7 to 3.8 version.

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We’ve received many comments and feedbacks on Twitter and Facebook about this new Automatic Update feature, someone liked it very much and many others felt very worry about with it. Some of them are worried about whether the automatic update could affect their blog performance, and more of them are worried about whether it could destroy their blog sites when the Automatic Updater is running. We believe the WP core developer team should have also realized with this, the minor updates won’t destroy your blog sites and just patch some tiny safety loopholes. If you don’t want your blog site update automatically, you can disable the Automatic Updater in the wp-config.php file.

2. Improved Language Packs

The new WordPress 3.7 will also come with an improvement on language packs. In all of WordPress previous versions, users have to find a translation ready WP theme and install separated language files, but at the new WP 3.7, if you’re using WordPress in your language, then each update WordPress can recognize the separated language you’re using and it can automatically fetch the language files for your default theme which can save your lots of time to translate themes or plugins yourself.

3. More Security on Password

In the new WordPress 3.7, it also comes with a stronger password for site security. There’s a new password meter in the new WP version, it can give a hint to your users if their passwords are too weak and it will encourage them to change to use a stronger password. There’s also a plugin called “Force Strong Passwords” which can force your users to register in a strong password.

4. Better Search on the Whole Site

The search function in 3.6 and all of its previous WordPress versions seem to be weak and that’s why the core team determined to give a better search on the new 3.7 edition. In the new WordPress, it will display search relevant results rather than in a reverse chronological order. The new WP will become more intelligentized and it can consider a result more relevant if the keyword matches in title as well as blog content.

Will you upgrade your blog to new WP 3.7?

We’ve done a small survey about how many blog owners are preparing to upgrade their sites to the new WordPress. There were about 55% of surveyed people expressed they’ll upgrade their site immediately once the formal version is released, about 30% of surveyed bloggers said they may choose to upgrade later, and the left people never cared about with the upgrade.

Editor’s Review:

Currently, the new WP 3.7 is still in beta test and we don’t recommend you to upgrade your blog site right now. If you’d like to check the new features, you can create a sub domain and install the new 3.7 on it. And if you’re looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider, you can click this link to check more information.

What are the features you’re expecting to the most? Please feel free to leave a comment to share your opinions with other bloggers, whatever you like or dislike, we’ll reply you back as soon as possible.


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